Modular multi-channel temperature control system FP1600

  • up to 128 control circuits
  • Modular structure
  • PROFINET communication to the SIMATIC S7
  • Powerful operating and SCADA software
  • Variable system integration
  • Powerful functions

Modular system structure

The decades of experience of Feller Engineering in the field of temperature control technology forms the basis for the FP1600 multi-circuit control system. Constantly further developed by customer requirements, a powerful system was created that can be adapted to the most varied applications due to its modularity.

To do this, depending on the objective of the task, different central units and input and output modules are available that are easily strung together on a DIN rail with bus adapters.



The core of each application is the central unit with processor for up to 128 control circuits and communication interfaces for higher level systems. The system offers as standard RS485 and Ethernet to network several controllers, for remote diagnosis via the integrated web server or to connect to the higher level SCADA system, Visual Fecon, for easy configuration and display.

Another version also has a real time Ethernet interface with PROFINET and Sercos III protocols. This enable multi-channel controllers to be connected to automation systems.


A variety of modules

The list of available modules shows the variety of the control system. The system can be configured individually with the following click-on modules:

  • 16x thermal components
  • 16x PT100 2L
  • 8x PT100 3/4L
  • 16x 0-10V or 0/4-20mA analogue signals
  • 32x 24VDC inputs or outputs
  • Heating current monitoring
  • Strain gauge sensors


Powerful control functions

The system can be used in many different applications due to the powerful control functions. The most important functions are:

  • Control parameters self-optimised
  • Short-circuit resistant outputs to control solid state relays
  • Heating current monitoring
  • Group heating
  • Energy-saving heating
  • Limiter function
  • Group switching of the outputs
  • Potential-free alarm outputs
  • Web server for remote diagnosis
  • Event logging on SD card

Modular system structure


  • Can be adapted to different applications
  • Extension modules for individual process connection
  • Processor modules as independent multi-channel control system
  • Interfaces to the PLC connection and to the process display

Powerful operating and SCADA software


  • Controllers can be configured easily
  • Historic trend curves
  • Pre-defined face plates to display all zones
  • Data logging on hard disk
  • Statistical calculations such as min., max,. standard deviation etc.
  • Incorporation of process images for “real” operation
  • Easy malfunction list management

Variable system integration


  • PLC can shed load by connecting via PROFINET
  • Expansion of the number of control circuits by networking via the Ethernet
  • Integrated web server for rapid fault location and remote diagnosis via the Internet.
  • Firmware updates via FTP

Powerful control functions


  • Up to 128 control circuits as 2 point/ 3 point controllers
  • Energy-saving heating (slow zones first, fast zones at the end)
  • Group heating
  • Voltage monitoring of
    the network voltage
  • Grouping
  • Limiter function
  • Extension modules can be adjusted locally
  • Heating power
  • Short-circuit resistant digital outputs

Your benefits

  • No limits with substantial applications
  • Energy-saving when heating different zone speeds
  • Material saving and avoidance of stresses
  • Automatic tracking of the output rate in the event of voltage fluctuations
  • Total connection power reduced
  • Control zone protected from overheating
  • Less cabling
  • Potential failure of a heating circuit detected and an alarm emitted
  • Fail-safe control of solid state relays


24VDC, supply via a terminal system in a DIN rail



Power consumption

depending on expansion stage, see documentation

Control behaviour

P, PI, PD or PID, self-optimising depending on requirements

Alarm outputs

Summary for all zones

1x LO-alarm
1x HI-alarm
1x DEV-alarm

max. power per contact


max. voltage per contact

250VAC, 30VDC

Available data protocols

FE3-Bus, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, udp, ftp, http, telnet



RS485 insulated, ETHERNET

Optional: 2 x real time Ethernet with integr. switch

System interface

to the internal communication of the modules

CAN-Bus, via terminal system in a DIN rail

max. cable length


Data memory

To store parameters on the SD memory card.

Ambient temperature

0 .. 50°C

Dimensions W/H/D

depending on the module

22,5 x 100 x 115mm
45 x 100 x 115mm
67,5 x 100 x 115mm

Information material

Data file
FP1600 Brochure
FP1600 Manual
FP1600 Product information