Benefits of the MCS hot runner controller

26. February 2016

Accurate and robust temperature controller


  • High control accuracy
  • High operating safety
  • Robust temperature controller
  • Flexible for hot runners of all manufacturers

Unique operating and display concept


  • Intuitive touchscreen operation and parameterisation
  • Separate, switchable display for all zones
  • Optimal visibility of all zone values and operating modes – even from a distance
  • Function keys to quickly select commands

Green indicates that everything is OK. The controller is operating normally.

Yellow indicates non-critical deviations from normal operation.

Red indicates faults or temperature limits that have been exceeded.
The outputs are deactivated.


Maximum power with 16A for all zones


  • Highest operating safety even at higher operating temperatures
  • Maximum flexibility in the assignment of the nozzle and manifold outputs
  • Customisations for higher outputs are possible

Comprehensive monitoring functions


  • High operating safety to protect tools, hot runners and controllers


Comprehensive monitoring functions:

  • Sensor fault/short circuit/reversed polarity
  • Output rate
  • Leakage current
  • Heater
  • Fuse
  • Triac

Troubleshooting for rapid fault location


  • Very short downtimes in the event of a failure
  • Clear information on the potential cause of the fault and its resolution

Mobile control and diagnostics station


  • Graphical display of temperatures over a period of multiple days (historic trending)
  • Intuitive operation with graphical tool display
  • Comprehensive tool diagnostics with protocol
  • Remote use (up to 100 metres)
  • Can be used as a mobile diagnostics station with devices with integrated touchscreen

Touch-PC MCScontrol

Diagnostics protocol

Temperature curves

Graphical display of the tool


Service-friendly Design


  • Low downtime
  • Low repair costs
  • No special knowledge required to replace fuses
  • Worldwide support

Flexible extension of the number of zones


  • Flexible expansion of the number of zones with smaller standard devices
  • Combined controllers work as one controller
    • Centralised operation
    • Continuous number of zones
    • Synchronised alarms across all systems

Easy machine integration


  • Small footprint
  • Easy to integrate the hot runner control module in standard control cabinets
  • Meets hygiene requirements for cleanroom applications
  • Number of zones can be expanded with standard controllers

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